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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Last month, USA Today published an article which outlined the top 10 hottest housing markets in the country. Making the list were: Colorado Springs, CO; Boise, Idaho; and, you never would’ve guessed it, Goffstown, NH.


The little town of Goffstown, with less that 18,000 people, boasts one of the top 10 hottest housing markets in the country. But, with an average time on market of just 22 days, the median list price of $325,050 (up 4.9% year over year), and millennial buyers making up 43% of new purchase mortgages, the numbers pan out. They show why Goffstown deserves its spot on the list.

USA Today also states, “Near Manchester, New Hampshire, this Zip code [Goffstown] is a quintessential New England small town with a walkable downtown and historic buildings.” All that is true. Right next door to Manchester, Goffstown has great access to major highways, enterprise, and the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. It also boasts the cutest downtown district in the region, with old store-fronts, steepled churches, American flags lining the streets, and the Uncanoonuc Mountains as the backdrop.

But, if you ask a local what makes Goffstown truly Goffstown, you’ll probably hear the same thing again and again—the community. The small town feel. Neighbors helping neighbors. In the age of letting unknown callers go to voicemail, avoiding knocks on the door like the plague, and using the self-checkout to avoid human interaction, this town is a gem. People look out for each other.

Every once in a while, my mischievous ducks wander off, and, I swear, they come home fatter than ever after receiving loads of treats from the neighbors, who are just making sure the quackers are happy and well-fed. A few years ago, a resident’s lawnmower was stolen out of her front yard. Townsfolk got together and bought her a new one that same day. Another time, a child’s hard-earned Xbox fell out of a tailgate on the way home from the store. When the town found out, several new ones were quickly donated to the family.

But that’s just the spirit of this town. People want to be involved, and they just want to help. This week, that sense of community was put to the test.



Wednesday morning, shortly after 4 AM, Goffstown homeowners were abruptly woken by the sound of their fire alarm. The young couple, along with their 3 month old daughter, were able to avoid the flames and smoke coming from their living room, and safely get out of the house. The same cannot be said for their 2 dogs, who did not survive the flames.

Water supply was a challenge. The first engine on scene used all of its supply in about a minute. The second engine did just the same. The fire was still not contained. A water shuttle supply operation was put into place, transporting water from a nearby pond to the scene, trying to contain the fire. Firefighters worked through the morning to quench the flames. At that point, the house was gone, with just the chimney standing. The garage was badly scarred and the owners’ car was destroyed.

Just 2 weeks prior, the owners purchased this home. Ten days ago, they moved in. These two Veterans (2 tours in the Navy and 1 tour with the Marines) were new to Goffstown, and they were about to see just what this town can do.



As with most small towns, word travels fast. It wasn’t long before the whole town was aware of the situation, and just as quickly, it sprang into action.

Local businesses established drop off locations for donated goods. Diapers, toys, clothing, even cribs and car seats were donated. Restaurants opened their doors to the family, offering meals free of charge, no questions asked. Residents started fundraising pages to raise money, and a bank account was even opened on the family’s behalf, allowing people to donate directly to them. By noon time on Wednesday, the response was overwhelming. Donations were already being turned away. They were coming in faster than they could be handled.

But, that’s not where the story ends. Donations are still pouring in, and the community is rallying behind this family, making sure they can get back on their feet.

Why? Because that’s what makes Goffstown Goffstown. That’s why this community is so sought after. It’s why so many want to live here, and that’s what USA Today failed to capture.

Because at the end of the day, it’s loving thy neighbor.



Fundraising Page Created by the Homeowners’ Family: Donate here

Family Fire Fund Bank Account: Contact for Details

Physical Donations: Chiggy’s Place 571 Mast Rd, Goffstown

50/50 Raffle Fundraiser: The Village Trestle 25 Main St, Goffstown; Sept 28 1-4PM

Read more about the USA Today article here.

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